In this game, you spend most of your time trying to assess cars on an objective basis. But sometimes a car just gets under your skin, and it can happen when you least expect it.

Swift It’s happened to me this week. And the embarrassing thing is it’s not a rabid hot hatch, or a flickable flyweight sports car. It’s not even a car where the words ‘V8’ and ‘muscle’ feature prominently. No, the car I’m obsessing about at the moment is a £10k Suzuki Swift 1.5 GLX.

And this is where the objectivity really goes out of the window. After spending a week driving the best of the current crop of superminis for a magazine feature – the Swift included – I’ve sampled almost every one of the Suzuki’s major rivals. And, objectively, almost every one of them is superior.

The Ford Fiesta handles with more aplomb, A Honda Jazz is better packaged, A Seat Ibiza is funkier to look at and a Vauxhall Corsa feels more grown-up.

But there’s a fizz and a bubbliness to the way the Swift goes about its business that really gets to me – it’s a car that makes you want to drive it. And in the end that’s what being a car enthusiast is all about.