When you are a child, your parents and teachers will always tell you that honesty is the best policy. Of course, as an adult you realise that, paradoxically, these people were lying to you.

In reality, “yes dear, actually your arse does look big in that” is not the wisest thing to say. “Yes officer, I am aware of what speed I was doing – 106mph” is also a response that could get you into serious trouble, however truthful the statement may be.

Sometimes, though, a good dose of honesty is both healthy and refreshing. And the Skoda Fabia Estate has this in abundance. It never pretends to be anything other than a simple workhorse, where cavernous interior space and value for money are the primary goals.

Brilliantly, even though the Czech model we had in for a road test was specced to the gills with luxuries like climate control and sat-nav, the workman-like ethos of the whole car managed to filter through even to these gadgets. Nothing on this car is any more flash than it needs to be.

Form follows function slavishly with the Fabia – there are no unnecessary design flourishes with this car.

Even the name is brilliantly simple: Skoda Fabia Estate. Three words: one to tell you it’s a Skoda, one to tell what model it is, and one to tell you what bodystyle it is. Simple and easy to understand, just like the car itself. I like it. A lot.