Next week the Shanghai World Expo closes. It’s been open for six months and a staggering 70 million people will have walked through the gates to look into the tens of pavilions in which countries showcase their culture, products, people and innovations.

It’s not just nation states getting in on the act. As one of the big players in China, General Motors had its own pavilion. And it decided to showcase its vision of urban ‘motoring’ in 2030. A vision where 60 per cent of the world’s population live in cities and have access to 80 per cent of the wealth. It’s going to get even more crowded...

Their answer is a family of EN-V concept cars, which we first took a good look at in March. Jointly developed with Segway, they are electric two seaters designed to convey you around town safely and in comfort. Safely because they employ a variety of sensors that make it impossible to crash into anything. In comfort because with an electric motor underneath you, all of the space above is given over to passenger room.

What’s more they can be drive themselves while you surf the net etc etc. They park themselves too, although as they take up only a third of the tarmac space of a normal car that isn’t too tricky.