Right, I’m fully expecting many of you to hate me after you read this – but I need to tell you about the day I’ve just had.  Because in terms of motoring experiences I can’t think of many that would top it.

Thanks to the guys at Prodrive I got to drive my first rally car. A 2010 Group N Impreza. You can see it in the picture below.  Given that it’s based on a road car it is quite staggering what it’ll do. And that’s before you start experimenting with anti-lag – a quite marvellous invention.

Not only does it improve the sound track by a factor of 10, introducing proper pops and crackles, but it also transforms the way the car handles by keeping the turbo spinning for maximum response when the driver lifts off.

But anti-lag on a group N rally car is not why you’re going to hate me. Going back to the picture, if you look beyond the Group N car you can just about see two other Imprezas. Both rally legends, and both of which they let me have a go in.

Anyway we’ll have a video up shortly, in which I’ll do my best to explain the differences between Group N, WRC and Group A specs, and what a complete privilege it was to have a go in Colin’s car.