I started writing a different version of this blog a couple of hours ago. The general theme was based on some of my mathematical calculations, which somehow proved I could have achieved 1013 miles on a sole 55-litre tank of diesel in my Seat Leon Ecomotive.

Clearly, as you’re reading this version instead, real maths proved my maths wrong. So I’ve got no excuses. A lot of you have been suggesting how I could have achieved the holy grail of 1000. Here are three easily achievable things how I think it could have been done.

1. Don’t take a photographer. Snapper Malcolm isn’t a big bloke, but he of course added weight after a couple of roadside burgers and camera kit. Yet without him, you wouldn’t be seeing the fine pictures below. Swings and roundabouts. 2. Do it in the summer, on proper factory tyres. My Leon has winter tyres on, which aren’t the low rolling resistance summer specials it was running before November. This, coupled with some warmer weather to let the car run in, would have made a big difference, particularly as the torrential rain on the hilly part of the M40 and in equally hilly Scotland severely dented the economy.

3. Learn how to slipstream lorries before heading north of Preston. Slipstreaming made a huge difference to the economy, but I only really mastered it around 200 miles into the trip. I’d say only around one in eight lorries is good enough to use for slipstreaming, due to size, speed etc, but there’s also a huge discrepancy in their driving styles. Find a good one to follow for the 100 miles, and the economy will improve considerably.

While I mull having another go, here are some assorted highlights from the trip. Enjoy.