Ron Dennis, the McLaren chairman, voiced the concerns of many within F1 at the Autosport show last week when he sent a sympathetic, but firm, message that he really doesn't see how Donington boss Simon Gillett's plans to host the British Grand Prix in 2010 stack up.

Don't get me wrong here, Dennis has always made it clear that he was supportive of the need to have a British Grand Prix on the calendar.

I spent two years on the board of the British Racing Drivers' Club when they were negotiating the current deal at Silverstone and can testify to Ron's firm support on this matter. As the boss of Britain's most successful F1 team, Ron doesn't need any lessons on the commercial importance of the UK's round of the world championship.

But given the pound's slide against the US dollar - and the fact that all F1 race contracts require the payment of their annual fees in dollars - it really does beg the question as to precisely where the money is coming from.

"I applaud anyone coming into Grand Prix racing and bringing competition," Dennis told the audience during the course of delivering the Sid Watkins Lecture at the NEC. "But I really do struggle to understand how the economics of Donington will work. They have had a 25 per cent swing in the dollar and the contract will be a dollar-based contract. It has got a massive investment into infrastructure.