Nelson Piquet junior seems likely to be burdened by his involvement in the so-called 2008 Singapore Grand Prix ‘Crashgate’ scandal to the point where it is unlikely that the well-connected young Brazilian will find it easy to pick up the threads of his admittedly tentative F1 career.

Just before Christmas rumours began to circulate to the effect that Piquet, aided by his father Nelson’s deep pockets, would find his way into the Campos Meta team alongside Bruno Senna. However those with long memories will recall the animosity which existed between Nelson senior and Bruno’s uncle, the late Ayrton Senna.

At the height of their respective racing careers in the late 1980s there was an unpleasant sense of edge between the two men which, even with Ayrton long gone to his grave, would still in my view debar such a partnership from being assembled.

It fell to Campos Meta’s general manager, the popular Daniele Audetto, to pour oil on these potentially troubled waters last week during an interview with the Italian media.

“We did receive an offer from Piquet,” Audetto told La Stampa, “and Adrian [Campos] analysed that offer. We have nothing against Nelsinho, even if he was involved in the race fixing scandal. He is an excellent driver who is quick and has experience. But having already signed Bruno Senna, we can not have two Brazilians.”