It’s over, and I’m not pleased. Amid the festive spirit, it strikes me that there’s room for a tinge of melancholy. 

We’ve had such a wonderful motoring year; can one hope for anything half as enjoyable next year? And living the privileged life I do, have I made the most of my opportunities?

This year...

...I reckon the answer to that second question is a conditional yes. You can always do better, but my resolution this time last year to happy-snap cars, people and events of significance through the year lasted all the way to last month’s Classic Car Show at the NEC in Birmingham. It also brought me an affirmation that all good car stories are about people.

Next year...

...the economy’s not going anywhere, but we can still depend on the motor industry to build more and better cars. Next year we’re getting a new Range Rover Sport, the Jaguar F-type sports car, a Maserati SUV and the hybrid Porsche 918 Spyder. And that’s just scratching the surface.

We also look forward to seeding the increasingly powerful with fascinating stuff, and producing 51 classy issues of the magazine. But none of it is half worth doing without continuing support from you, our loyal readers. We all send seasons greetings, heartfelt thanks for past support, and hopes that you’ll see fit to continue the relationship in the happy new year.