Porsche kicks off today’s proceedings at the Detroit motor show, with a press conference at 0630 local time (1130 GMT).

The German manufacturer has been keeping its cards close to its chest about what it’s revealing to mark its return to the show after a four-year absence, but last night it dropped a strong hint at a press event.

First, the firm wheeled out some racing legends, including 917K driver Brian Redman and sportscar great Derek Bell. Then it put Redman’s old motor in the hotel lobby. And finally we were shown a brief ‘teaser’ video that showed something long and very definitely not a 918 Spyder being loaded onto a truck and delivered to the Cobo exposition centre in Detroit.

Officially, of course, nothing has been announced. But I reckon that when the sheets come off Porsche’s Detroit star, it’s going to mark a great start to the automotive year.