Everyone has been extremely over-excited this week by the Frankfurt motor show. Obviously I wasn’t there. The furthest I’ve been this week is on the M11 and then on the underground.

Then, wandering around some urban streets rather than exhibition halls, I found this sort of pre-owned street furniture strangely fascinating.

I mean, compared to the concepts they are shabby and well used, but at least they are real.

In the interests of Frankfurt motor show balance please see a real Golf Mark 2 which must have a fascinating back story and future prospects as bright as its faded paintwork.

I just wondered whether many concepts had been developed into anything that is any good, or were they indulgent dead ends?

The Audi TT is one that came off and ended up looking even better in the finished metal than it did on the stand.

But for every TT, there is also a Suzuki Mobile Terrace. Silly Japanese name of course combined with the look of futuristic Bedford J2 coach, so actually I don’t mind it at all.

Of course Lotus went completely concept mad recently although most were just drawings.

I doubt that a four door Lotus Eterne will be a reality, but then who really knows with Lotus and the whole purpose of a concept is to 'blue sky' and see what the reaction is.

So any good, bad and just plain ugly concepts anyone?