In case you were wondering (I was), there is not very much headroom in the back of a BMW X6. I have just climbed into the rear of one and found this out. In fact, this oddly compromised car will not accommodate anyone much over six foot tall – I am six foot, and I fit. Just. Autocar's own Andrew Frankel, who is a bit more than six foot, won’t.

Which will make buying an X6 a strange process. Will it matter to buyers that the two full size rear seats (it is a four- and certainly not a five-seater) can’t be used by anyone over six foot? Will the X6’s looks (think what you like about the styling but you cannot deny it is unique and distinctive) and considerable performance sell it? After all, you can’t fit anybody with two legs in the back of a Mini but that hasn’t stopped it being a vast success.

But the X6 is much bigger than a Mini, and buyers may expect a car of its size to offer a bit more space. Its boot is smaller than an X3’s, there’s no headroom in the back and you can only fit two in there anyway. And it will probably cost more than an X5…

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