Paris reaction - from the point of view of someone who is currently on holiday, sitting around in the sunshine, drinking a beer or two, getting a bit bored perhaps but clicking on as many websites as he can to get info about what sounds like one of the most vibrant motor shows in years.

A gazillion new cars from Lotus. They all look the same to me, but they also look weirdly anonymous. They look like Honda concepts actually – all angular and spikey and modern. A bit like the way enormous Russian hotels tend to look angular and spikey and modern. With a bit too much neon in the toilets.

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The return of the Audi quattro. Not. The original Ur-quattro was a devastatingly good looking car. It created the blistered wheelearch all on its own. From the rear it made your heart ache wondering what it might be like to drive.

The new one, from the pictures I’ve seen, looks like a Mitsubishi Lancer on to the front of which someone would appear to have welded a giant air conditioning vent. It looks ridiculous.