Fascinating to spend the eve of the Paris show with Toyota. The firm’s not going to be grabbing many headlines over the next 48 hours; it’s showing a facelifted iQ and Lexus IS here, and a new mini-MPV called the Verso-S that’s, well, somewhat difficult to get excited about.

I have to admit to cracking a smile when new Toyota Motor Europe President Didier Leroy said he was ‘happy to confirm’ that the next-generation Toyota Yaris, which will enter production in 2011 in Valenciennes, will be offered as a hybrid.

Perhaps it’s just coincidence that Toyota should choose to confirm that news the night before the world debut of Honda’s Jazz Hybrid, but I doubt it.

After his speech, I got talking with Leroy about Toyota Motor Europe’s tumultuous year so far. After the PR crisis that should hereandafter be referred to as Acceleratorgate, it would seem the firm is now out of the woods.