I did my bit as a media commentator last night, by appearing on Radio 5 Live, which was picking up on Jaguar's announcement that the first XF rolled off the production line yesterday.

Radio 5's questions were revealing of the state that Jaguar has got itself into. The first one was "is it a good car?". I find it interesting that, in 2007, the metropolitan media think that a car-maker may actually turn out a bad, or even uncompetitive, car.

The second question was more depressing, suggesting that Jaguars are still really cars for football managers and the like. This shows just how much Jag's 1970s image has managed to stick around. I suppose the TV series Minder didn't help, and the phrase "the Jag belt" (describing an area that is both affluent but very conservative and middle brow) is still occasionally heard.

Of course it was that image problem that the "New Jag Generation" ad campaign,­ followed by the much-copied "Gorgeous" series, aimed to dispel.

The problem was that Jaguar's advertising was well ahead of its products. Just what was appealing to younger drivers about the X-type, S-type or XJ?