Why do people get so worked up when some other people tell them that carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are contributing to global warming and causing pollution?

This is not a deliberate and calculated attack on your personal freedom. It is not a plot or conspiracy, and if anyone is stupid enough to suggest that it’s all symptomatic of the way we are governed by a totalitarian regime then I can only suggest that they pay a bit more attention to what’s been going on in Burma recently. No matter how many mistakes our government has made, they haven’t yet started shooting at us.

The levels of resentment swarming around the idea that by burning fossil fuels we cause pollution are childish. Cars burn fossil fuels, cars produce pollutants. So do aeroplanes, power stations, your central heating boiler, my barbecue and even cows. Okay, cows don’t burn fossil fuels but they do produce dangerous greenhouse gas. And if you accept that much, then you have to accept that cars do. This is a fact.

But what’s really annoying is that those of us who have cooked up this persecution complex are apparently happy to ignore the incredible technology advances car-makers have made in improving emissions, and the fact that all this adds up to one undeniable benefit: our cars use less fuel.