I came across an advert the other day for a G-Wiz. It was a 2007 model with 1700 miles on the clock. That counts as barely run-in - if you ever need to run-in an electric car that is. Either way, 850 miles a year even bouncing around London is on a par with a ponderous commuter cyclist.

It was up for just £4500, which is roughly half the cost new, depending on what extras are added, and even that price was negotiable. What we have here is the realisation that the G-Wiz is a risible mode of transport. The owner might well claim, ‘genuine reason for sale’ but I reckon they can’t wait to get shot of it.

I’ve seen the same happen with some hybrids. At the moment there’s a whole bunch at a West London car supermarket, a triple AAA battery’s throw from the congestion zone, which were all underpriced and not yet sold. I’m slightly tempted to buy a really cheap Prius and run it until something expensive needs doing, but I can’t get away from the fact that I’d still rather have a Golf TD.

Good luck to Tesla with its new showroom that I must pop along to. At least moving the stock around won’t choke the receptionist or spoil those vital sales calls.

I get the feeling, though, that it could be as whisper quiet in there as the motor. A Tesla is no G-Wiz, thank the automotive gods, but cost has to be an issue, as is the future cost of replacing the batteries.

The car trade is rightly suspicious of new tech and despite gormless Gordon and malevolent Mandy being deluded about our potential contribution to alternative power, electric vehicles have some way to go.

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