Judging from the response the Juke GT-R received on the Autocar forums, the world is keen on the prospect of ‘Bride of Godzilla’ (we’re hoping it’ll catch on as a name).

Today Nissan has confirmed the existence of the 480bhp concept version of its trendy crossover vehicle. Read more about it here.

Nissan says the Juke-R is not for production, but the firm does admit that it will use the concept to ‘test the public’s reaction to a seriously sporty Juke’.

To me, the inference is that if the reaction is positive, Nissan could be encouraged to produce a muscular, powerful Juke.

The Juke has been a big hit; the crossover has shifted more than 100,000 units after just a year on sale. It wouldn’t be a huge surprise if Nissan was exploring niche versions to widen the car’s appeal further.