Judging from the response the Juke GT-R received on the Autocar forums, the world is keen on the prospect of ‘Bride of Godzilla’ (we’re hoping it’ll catch on as a name).

Today Nissan has confirmed the existence of the 480bhp concept version of its trendy crossover vehicle. Read more about it here.

Nissan says the Juke-R is not for production, but the firm does admit that it will use the concept to ‘test the public’s reaction to a seriously sporty Juke’.

To me, the inference is that if the reaction is positive, Nissan could be encouraged to produce a muscular, powerful Juke.

The Juke has been a big hit; the crossover has shifted more than 100,000 units after just a year on sale. It wouldn’t be a huge surprise if Nissan was exploring niche versions to widen the car’s appeal further.

The involvement of Ray Mallock’s RML firm in the project is interesting. The two companies have worked together before, most notably on Le Mans and British Touring Car programmes – but also on the one-off Nissan Micra 350SR, for which the engine of a 350Z was melded with the marque’s popular supermini.

Nissan is known to be keen to re-enter motorsport in a prominent discipline, and one project that has been mentioned is a World Rally Championship assault with the Juke.

World rally rules demand a car with a 1.6-litre turbocharged engine and Nissan already has one of those in its road car range. 

Although the Juke-R, with its 3.8-litre, twin-turbo V6 powerplant, might not destined for the race track or rally stage, it would make a great test bed for future competition technology…