I've been spending plenty of time in the new office Fiesta recently.

We've got the sporty-ish Zetec S, which not only looks terrific but also can embarrass many hotter hatches when it comes to dynamic ability.

So much so, we're now all wondering when a proper hot Fiesta ST is going to arrive. Don't hold your breath was the response I got from some Ford big cheeses when I asked the question on Friday.

Apparently the Blue Oval is worried about the economics of a hotter Fiesta. The bad news for us Brits is that we're about the only market that buys hot hatches in a big way. The Swiss are also interested, but apart from them there's little interest anywhere else in Europe. Which makes the investment plans for an ST a little flaky.

Even if one does arrive it's going to be a while yet. It's unlikely to go on sale before the Fiesta range gets the next generation of small turbo direct-injection petrol engines.

Though the good news is that a Fiesta ST is likely to be powered by a 1.6 turbo with at least 180bhp. That's more like it.