The press release said ‘Business as usual’ but it might just as well have read ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’. 

Well, I’m going to stay calm and tell you what my favourite Saab is now, before the end comes and their little badge is on the front of some Beijing built Tuk Tuk.

I thought whilst bigger brains than mine can get speculate on just what court protection involves and just what the future of the little Swedish based car maker is, I’d do something far less demanding.

The best Saab ever wasn’t a 95, or 900, or a 99 Turbo, it was the 9000. Big, comfy and not too quirky, plus it was the best car that the Germans never made. It actually didn’t break down that much, though when it did it was reassuringly expensive to fix. Unless you went to the breakers yard. Better than the Lancia, Fiat and Alfa versions, mainly because they were Italian and that includes the Thema 8.32.

Yes for me, happiness is a big giant hatchback with a low pressure turbo engine and a marginal asking price. I look forward to finding out just how wrong I am.