It’s road safety week apparently, although it really should apply for the remaining 51, too. Never mind, there has been a lot of talk around the driving test and young drivers and those accelerated driving courses that will get you a license is days, apparently.

There is a political posturing around road safety and often there is an agenda that brands anyone with a big, or sporty car as inherently evil and likely to run amok at any moment. I won’t be going there. However, I was interested to know whether you had been taught to drive by a friend or relative?

This is something that the self-righteous brigade want to outlaw, whereas I would see an opportunity to increase driver skills. If you want to take a learner out then you should certainly sit the theory test. Possibly do the Institute of Advanced Motorist test. Much as I loathe bureaucracy it would make sense.

I’ve never had a proper driving lesson in my life and although that would explain plenty to some, I think my dad and sister did a decent job. I used to enjoy sitting in the back of uncle Charlie’s Austin Mini Seven as he taught my sister to drive and I learnt what swear words were. I have also taken learners out and taught members of my family how to park, without swearing like a docker.

It really doesn’t seem awfully difficult, as daytime TV (not that I have a chance to see it) can be clogged with adverts promising a fulfilling career as a driving school instructor. I rely on any professionals reading this to tell me whether it is a profitable doddle, or not.

So my question is who taught you to drive? If they were family, were they any good? If they were a driving school how much did it cost and was it worth it?