I’ll assume that you are just as terrified as I am of a Panamera with the roof missing. Four-door open cars used to be great for dictators and their families on day outs.

Now they just look stupid. If you really want wind in your hair as everyone knows you either buy a safe but entertaining Mazda MX5 or a Caterham.

In my experience, more than two is a crowd in a cabriolet and the only thing rear seat passengers get is severe buffeting.

So as it is still so blimming cold and its drizzling where I am too this seems like just the right time to consider just what sort of chop top we should be looking for this spring.

At my time of life a big old Merc E is good and I’ve never minded an open air Saab - their flexiness is all part of the fun while at the same time allowing four on board.

Oh yes, and it may be a classic car cliché, but a Triumph Stag still does it for me.

I don’t see why we should pay some massive premium for an open car. What’s your pick as a value roof-less buy?