Leaving the infamous Hertz Mustang to one side for a moment, what’s the perfect car to rent while on holiday? And when I say holiday I don’t mean driving holiday, I mean a bumbling-around-doing-not-much-near-a-beach-but-still-needing-a-set-of-wheels-to-knock-about-in kind of holiday.

For reasons I won’t bore you with I’ve rented no less than three different cars in Spain during the last three weeks, all of which have been very much in the “cheap-as-chips-so-long-as-it’s-got-four-doors-and-air-conditioning” category.

The first was a previous generation Ford Fiesta, the second an Opel Corsa, the third a Skoda Fabia HTP. And BY FAR the best car of the three was the Fabia.

The Ford felt so well used that it had developed a personality all of its own, including a smell that only a five-year-old car that’s been burped and trumped into by all manner of Costa del Layabouts could possess. It actually smelt – and drove – as if it was close to the end of its days. And on the motorway it had an immense vibration which, above about 78mph, was genuinely terrifying to experience.