Martin Brundle described the overtaking move that Michael Schumacher made on Rubens Barrichello in Hungary as being “a day late and a dollar short.” I think he was being polite in the extreme.

And now Schumacher has apparently apologised to Rubens, saying that he agrees with the stewards decision to dock him 10 places at the next race, having watched the incident again on videotape.

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“I wanted to make it hard for him to pass me. I clearly showed him that I didn’t want to let him pass but... I wasn’t seeking to endanger him with my move. If he feels I was then I’m sorry, this wasn't my intention” wrote Schumacher on his website.

Sorry but that’s just too little, too late Michael. You crossed the line (again) and this time you put someone’s life in danger in the process, including your own.