I think I’ve already mentioned that the Goodwins are buying a new Fiat 500. Actually, Mrs Goodwin is, because CG has spent all his money on his old Porsche.

Anyway, we’re buying our car from our local Fiat dealership, which is in Hounslow. I called them during the summer and spoke to an exuberant cockney called Kevin. Kevin is one of Fiat’s greatest ambassadors and a jolly nice chap to boot. He nearly exploded when I told him that I’d already driven a Fiat 500, and that if I asked Autocar nicely I could bring theirs down to show him and his colleagues.

Of course I completely forgot and it was only a couple of weeks ago, when I had to go and give Parkside garage our deposit cheque and make our final choice on engine and colour (1.2, red), that I remembered my promise.

So I took a white Multijet diesel 500 with me. Kev and his boys still hadn’t even sat in a 500, so while I drank coffee and read the paper, the entire sales team took it in turns to have a go round the block.

Amazingly, they’d all been to a dealer launch in Turin but hadn’t been allowed to even sit in the cars. Hacks like me are often highly critical of Fiat dealers but I now realise that they might not be getting the support they deserve. Our car should be here late January and if I’m good over Christmas my wife might let me drive it. God help me if I put a scratch on it though.