There's a mighty row going on over on the website the of The Guardian newspaper.

Columnist George Monbiot,­ a well-known and very vocal environmentalist,­ has torn into a recent article by Christopher Booker and Richard North, which attempts to topple "the speed camera myth."

Even an impartial observer would have to concede that Monbiot has not achieved much more than a furious rant against the Top Gear TV programme, and against Paul Smith of Safe Speed,­ a one-man protest group who has kept up an amazing campaign against the spin and manipulation that long marked out the Government's use of accident and injury statistics.

Monbiot can't believe that anybody would call into question the use of speed cameras, or their obvious fitness for the purpose of improving road safety.

As evidence, he quotes Smith as saying "we simply don't believe that a significant proportion of accidents are caused by exceeding the speed limit." Monbiot follows up, "if he cannot demonstrate that this is true, his entire case collapses."