My car of the decade is a motorcycle. Apologies for that, but my recent previous history on bikes means I’m better placed to select something with two wheels rather than four. And that bike is the Honda Fireblade. More specifically, to nail it firmly as a machine of the Noughties, my bike of the decade is the 2002-2003 CBR954RR-2/3

The RR-2 replaced the 929cc RRY/1, a worthy but arguably softer Fireblade that was largely snubbed in favour of more hardcore rivals from Yamaha and Suzuki. The RR-2 was the bike that gave the Blade its edge back. Yes, Yamaha’s R1 and Suzuki’s GSX-R1000 stole the headlines and racetrack success, but the Fireblade was the bike I’d actually want to buy, own and ride every day.


Like all 1000cc superbikes the Fireblade has performance that puts most things on four wheels to shame. The facts and figures are within a gnats whisker of is rivals so you get razor sharp handling, brakes that are stronger than your forearm muscles, 0-60mph in three seconds or so and a 180mph top speed. Par for the course, really.

Motorcycles are wonderful things because not a great deal of money will buy you an enormous excess of performance. Today, you can source yourself an RR-2/RR-3 in fine condition for something in the region of £3000.