There I was wondering just what to bore you with on a Friday when Bluebeards Revenge, purveyors of a male shaving stuff informed me that the Ford Mustang has been voted ‘manliest car’ on the planet. Obviously that’s completely wrong especially as last Friday I bought the second most manly car ever, a big black 7 Series.

I know it’s the second most manly car, because as a proper Land Rover owner, I know for certain that only real men and women can drive it without moaning about the heavy clutch, obstructive gearchange and crash bang wallop ride. I would argue that my currently unwell 1964 Mini Cooper is in at three on the grounds that being so titchy I have nothing to prove in the manliness department at all. Some might disagree and here is the full listing for you to disagree with. Clearly they interviewed a whole bunch of confirmed metrosexuals.

Top 15 Manly Cars??1.) Ford Mustang 21%?2.) Aston- Martin DB7 15%?3.) Range Rover 13%?4.) Dodge Viper 11%?5.) Hummer H1 10%?6.) Dodge Ram 9%?7.) BMW X5 6%?8.) Porsche 911 5%9.) Lamborghini Countach 3%?10.) Ferrari GTO 2%11.) Ford Capri 2%?12.) Nissan Skyline 1%?13.) Audi Quarto 1%?14.) Corvette Z06 1%?15.) Subaru Impreza 0%??

And just in case you cared….