I drove our long-term Subaru Impreza STi home yesterday evening and was impressed by how much smoother and less twitchy it was than its predecessor.


What didn't impress me, however, was the central locking. I left my house this morning with two bags, a coat  and a laptop. I blipped the fob and the driver's door opened. The passenger doors and the boot remained locked. I blipped the button again. The driver's door locked. Hmm! I pushed the button twice in quick succession. The driver's door unlocked and relocked very quickly. The boot stayed locked the whole time.

In the end, I reached across the gear stick and put all the junk on the passenger seat.

There is a way to get the boot unlocked, apparently, but Matt Prior, our road test editor, who runs the car on a daily basis, said that it took him three weeks to learn it.

Come on, Subaru. Central locking has been around for ages. We've ironed out all the glitches. Why can't you set it up in the same way as everyone else?

Fortunately, the driver's door is easily opened. Which is good. Because driving this car is the best bit.