As I celebrate a remarkable - though largely unsuccessful, inconsistent and controversial - 26 years in the motor industry, I may not have accumulated much in the way of wisdom, expertise or insight, but I have bagged a whole heap of business cards.

Unless you are Japanese, you get most business and personal details emailed or texted to you these days. Personally I don’t mind and I applaud all the clever virtual ways of buying and interacting in the car business, but I am worried that we are losing something. Yes, we are losing the badly printed, ill thought out, and simply odd business card.

I haven’t had a decently weird one for years. Outside of the boringly logoed main agents, even the independents have had an outbreak of good taste, with subtle colour, a bit too much design language and not a line drawn Cortina Mark 1 in sight.

It is depressing that car dealers are getting a charisma bypass these days. The hypnotically bad ones, with 3D effects, a dayglo orange background and ‘amusing’ one or two liners have long gone. And so have the blokes and the business who proffered them. There must be a connection then…