This week’s DAFTAs are:

(Drum roll please maestro…)

Most inappropriately dressed man of the week; Eddie JordanThe best bit about EJ’s “is he going for full wets or will he swap for intermediates” shirt shambles during the Malaysian GP was when he had such an armpit full of man-water on display, the production team actually made him put a coat on. Poor sod. The next time we saw Eddie, after a break for some racing, he’d been furnished with a more appropriate dark blue BBC chemise, of course, but by then the damage had been done. And dear old DC’s sense of smell has never been quite the same since.

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Spelling mistake of the week; VW Polo is World Car of the YearSincere apologies for the unfortunate spelling mistake that worked its way into our news story about the VW Polo on Wednesday. What we meant to write, of course, was; VW Polo is Worst Car of the Year. Sorry about that. It’ll probably never happen again. Not until the Golf wins it – again – next year.