Summer is a wonderful time as it brings all sorts of interesting motors out of the woodshed.

I am lucky because I live in a small village that hosts a classic, commercial and military gathering which is on a par with anything that Beaulieu or Goodwood can muster. (No, really.)

Tanks with turrets, Yank Tanks with chrome, bikes, Morris Marina Post Vans, they are all there. I could fill this blog with pictures, which would be worth a million or two of my less than necessary words.

However, I was really rather pleased to see this 2CV. It belongs to my local garage owner Ian and it is an astounding piece of work that I have seen emerge from the workshop floor over the last few years.

Here are a couple of pics for you. I wonder if you can guess what is underneath there? And here’s a clue, there are more than 2 cylinders.

Indeed the greatest living motoring journalist, Sir Steve Cropley has form when it comes to making unusual Escargots. Those old enough to remember will recall that he added a turbo with inflammatory results.

So I just wondered what unusual transplants you would sanction? Where would you stick a supercharger, a Wankel, or a turbo? And just what is that 2CV packing under the bonnet?