Yes, I know what you’re thinking and yes, it’s definitely a bit weird, but the BMW 5-series GT looks about 100 per cent better in the metal than it does in these pictures.

Really, it does. A lot of people are not going to like this car, like a lot of people do not like the X6, but you know what? It works.

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Please believe me, because I know everyone is going to have a right old go at the BMW 5-series GT, but I’ve seen it and it is nowhere near as ungainly and awkward as the pictures make it look. It is much more finely detailed than the pictures suggest, and that saves it from becoming a big blob of a car. It is, and I am so very aware of what the reaction will be to this, quite elegant.

Inside it is airy and spacious and feels bigger than a 7-series. And you can store the parcel shelf under the boot floor sensible (at last! An end to lost parcel shelf misery), which is not really a reason to like a car but strikes me as being one of those beautifully simple solutions that you just know will be copied.

Then again, I like the Mercedes R-class and I appear to be in a minority of one with that. But at least BMW is trying something new at a time when innovation and risk taking are under extreme threat. You might not like the GT, but you can’t call it boring.