I just wondered, because one of the great debates this week has been whether married couples look after their children better. I don't know about that, but I did wonder whether those who pay for their cars look after them better than those who get company cars, or lease them.

Also if you invest in a car for the longer term do you love it more, appreciate its finer points or is this pseudo-intellectual debate just a lot of theoretical boathooks? The bottom line is: do you just want to drive your car rather than own it?

I could leave it there, but many of you may have company cars and I believe its difficult to get attached to an Insignia, Avensis, or an A4 when its not yours. But I could be wrong – I’m sure you will tell me.

What’s a PCP feel like? I mean you have to look after the car because when it goes back you will get fined for any unreasonable damage. Are you just counting the days to the next one and move on, or do you miss it?

I just feel that when I’ve paid my hard earned cash for something I’ve got a big chunk of mechanical sympathy for my metal friend, which I think prolongs the life of brakes and clutch and all that. Surely that’s a good thing?

The best handling, fastest, most abusable car is usually someone elses. The great P.J. O Rourke reckoned it was a hire car, or rental as our American cousins call them.

So married to your car? Having an affair? Looking for a divorce?