Which newish 7 seater which a spare tyre?

I'm being nagged/bullied/mithered into replacing our current car (mondeo) with a 7 seater.  To be honest I can see all the arguements in favour and am reluctantly caving in. 

Budget's about 14-16 K and I was looking at a 1-2 yr old S-Max, possibly the Galaxy, or alternatively the Alhambra.  However, the bombshell came when I found out that none of these have spare wheels.  I work on and around construction sites and average 1-2 punctures a year, the thought of being stuck with run flats or a glorified tube of glue at 6pm on a Friday doesn't really appeal.

So far the only alternatives I've found with spares are the Merc R Class estate or the Citroen Berlingo.  Even going for an older model the Merc's out of budget in terms of running costs, the Citroen might be a possible and has some attractions (I carry a lot of kit for sport and work) but not sure I fancy a glorified van.  Will look at the citroen but am not exactly wowed by it.

Anyone got any alternatives?




Move the clock on 3 or 4

2 years 14 weeks ago

Move the clock on 3 or 4 years and there won't be any newwish cars with spare wheels so why not julow ire the bullet ? If you love the Mondy, go for the SMax. You might not notice much of a difference. The Sharon/Alhambra is a good MPV, the SMax thinks it is a hatchback.

Citroens are often

2 years 14 weeks ago

Citroens are often unreliable, avoid it. You best option would be to buy one of the vehicles you mentioned with run-flats, and buy another matching rim off the internet, and have it fitted with a tyre. Because these 7 seaters and spacious, just store it behind the rear seat. All-in-all it will cost a few hundred quid, but it solves your problem. By the way, the new Seat Alhambra is the best car, i highly recommend. 

Also, the XC90 is a dated design now, and the 4 wheel drive system is heavy and uses more fuel when activated, best bet is the Seat unless you do proper off roading. 

Here's an internet advertisment for the seat, it's a brand new design- and quite costly, but still far cheaper than the VW sharan is based on, so in that sence it's good value: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2011-SEAT-ALHAMBRA-SEAT-ALHAMBRA-2-0-TDI-CR-Ecomotive-SE-5dr-Diesel-/261061530691?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item3cc87ad443#ht_1175wt_1186

After reading your post, what

2 years 14 weeks ago

After reading your post, what came to my mind was a Volvo XC90, it looks good (better than a "glorified van"), it has 7 seats, comes with a spare tyre, has plenty of space and for around £15k you could get a high spec 2009 model.

Also, for going round construction sites you would have decent ground clearance and all wheel drive.

Thanks for that, might be an

2 years 14 weeks ago

Thanks for that, might be an option.  A mate's got one and I'd ruled it out partly on grounds of cost and partly as his is a top end spec (cream leather seats etc) which I couldn't see fitting in with very muddy job, kids etc. Saw one locally which seemed suspiciously cheap but was in the bracket you give so I'll have another look.

This year I changed my

2 years 14 weeks ago

This year I changed my 7-seater, 'no spare wheel' for a new model; exactly the same vehicle, but 5-seater with full sized spare wheel.

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