Video: Range Rover v Porsche Cayenne tested on-road

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Review 22 February 2013

The all-new Range Rover is an epic machine. But is it better than the sportscar-on-steriods Porsche Cayenne. Steve Sutcliffe takes to the road to find out.

Next week...Sutcliffe takes the pair off-road

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@bomb, I am sure there will

1 year 34 weeks ago

@bomb, I am sure there will be dashcam footage from Russia on youtube before the summer of an RaRo veering across the carriage way taking passersby on its travels. Also I have had a last model CR-V and experienced its unexpected dodgy pitching slides too.

On another note did you notice the journalist had the seat set that low his head was a good six inches from the headlining, I wondered whether he was doing everything he could to lower its centre of gravity.

Oh, yes?

1 year 34 weeks ago

pauld101 wrote:

Reply to 6th.replicant

If one was German, then 'por_sha' would be completely acceptable given the 'e' at the end isn't silent as it would be in English.  But do we say 'Bay-Em-Vay' in this country?  I think not.  Perhaps we are a Porsha-fan maybe that is being a teensey little 'ayn-al' about it?

No, when "one" is English, "one" pronounces people's names correctly and as per their mother tongue, which includes eponymous car manufacturers.

Or do you also say, for example, 'Ren-olt' (Renault), 'Cit-rowen' (Citroën), 'Pew-gay-ot' (Peugeot), 'Bug-at-tie' (Bugatti), 'Maser-at-eye' (Maserati), Alfa 'Rome-ee-o', or how about 'Chop-in' (Chopin), 'Beeth-oven' (Beethoven), 'Hayden' (Haydn), 'Puck-in-eye' (Puccini), et al??

Porsche is also an eponymous car manufacturer, so it's pronounced 'Por-sher', not 'Pawshh'.   

BMW is soley a company name/brand, and an abbreviation of Bayerische Motoren Werke, so of course an English-speaker would not say 'Bee Emm Vay'.

And no doubt you also have all kinds of fun with 'Wankel' 



1 year 34 weeks ago

So I guess that's why the RR Sport exists, for those that moan about the handling of their SUV limousine. Not exactly rocket science, even for Porsche fan boys....................

Britain might be good at a

1 year 34 weeks ago

Britain might be good at a lot of things, but making cars is not one of them. JLR are making Britain the laughing stock of the world.

mmm....... let's see now

1 year 34 weeks ago

Sir Henry Royce, Lanchester, Sir William Lyons, W O Bentley.  Not much good at making cars, then?  Strange, thought JLR was envy of the world with Evoque, Range Rover, Defender, XF, F-Type etc...   Seem to be some discontinuities in your reality. 

Porsche?  War criminal with an "honorary" doctorate in engineering.

Like I said, 'ayn-al'

1 year 34 weeks ago

No, you only think that you pronounce the name correctly.  You would have the Frenchman rolling on the floor at your pronounciation.  Along with the German and the Italian.


1 year 34 weeks ago

pauld101 wrote:

No, you only think that you pronounce the name correctly.  You would have the Frenchman rolling on the floor at your pronounciation.  Along with the German and the Italian.

To be fair (RPrior)

1 year 33 weeks ago

To be fair I think that one would need to spend about £18k on the Porsche Diesel S to bring it's equipment levels up to that of the Range Rover, making the difference nearer £11k.  

Just taken delivery

1 year 33 weeks ago

I guess you will think that this is going to be biased but...........I have just traded in my RR Westminster for the new model TDV8 SE more comfortable quiter quicker luxurious and through bends much more stable than the old model. I guess that I agree to put it up against the petrol turbo cayenne is not all together a like for like comparison. If you are looking for an every day 4x4 there really is no better choice than the new RR. I have tried the Cayenne diesel and i'm affraid there is no comparrison.



1 year 32 weeks ago

Is it only me that can see that the extended edges on the headlights and taillights are a direct copy of the ford explorer. Now whenever I see a new Range Rover, I see a Ford Explorer. It's a total turnoff and I just hope the sport has a different design.

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