Video: Range Rover v Porsche Cayenne tested on-road

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Review 22 February 2013

The all-new Range Rover is an epic machine. But is it better than the sportscar-on-steriods Porsche Cayenne. Steve Sutcliffe takes to the road to find out.

Next week...Sutcliffe takes the pair off-road

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[Quote] The 0-62 times are

1 year 35 weeks ago

<quote>The 0-62 times are 6.9 seconds and 4.7 seconds respectively and Autocar still claims the Range Rover is the better car!</ quote >


You seem to fit the Cayenne customer profile. Baddest and fastest is best. Or you're 11.


1 year 35 weeks ago

Useful video, because it shows that the new Range Rover is borderline impractical - ie, too wide - on a typical UK rural A/B-road.

Love the eulogy for the Rangie's handling - "...You can thread it really accurately down the road, and that's because it steers so nicely..." - and then on cue the beast almost spins/topples over (02:32). Thank Gaw'd for stability control, eh?

And please stop mispronouncing 'Porsche' - you make yourself sound like an ignorant 9-year-old. 

Cough! cough!!!

1 year 35 weeks ago

£71K for basic V6 Diesel?!, come on guys!, name me better or just as good for a lot less!,by the way, anyone watch Topgear?,Mr May (Captain Slow)did a piece with the £95K V8 against the US Army 6 wheel drive driverless truck, it was quite impressive, the RR that is,but, i can't help thinking that the RR isn't mainly used for purpose,it's more of a status symbol.

Peter Cavellini.


pretty good

1 year 35 weeks ago

review if you listen to what SS says in it's entirety.

Just doing his job

1 year 35 weeks ago

I think Steve knows these two are very different.

But he has been asked to do this comparison test, its his job.

You guys demand some content on this forum so its given to you.

Steve almost apologises for the test itself if you read between the lines,

Keep up the good work Steve.

The Top Gear feature was

1 year 35 weeks ago

The Top Gear feature was another fawning advert too, of all the things to put the RR against they picked a lumbering truck being driven by a computer at 20mph to make it look impressive but up against several other SUV's the RR would have just looked ordinary and overpriced.

It looked like Land Rover had laid on about 5 RR's for the feature, presumably in case a few broke down. I noticed the ripped off trim underneath it 'dissapeared' too.

So £90K gets you something too big that this video shows isn't much fun on road, and Top Gear showed it is better on a dirt track than a 20mph Tonka toy. Yes truly an 'epic' vehicle.

Finest engineers?

1 year 35 weeks ago

Sorry?  Have you ever owned a Porsche.  I have, and I can only say that Porsche's engineering is quaint, quirky and devoid of any prowess.  Fundementally, who would overhang an engine out the back for that reversing through a hedge feeling, or dogbone the polar moment of inertia as on a 924/944, for that 'impossible to get it back' feeling, once it starts to let go?  I would remind you, Sir, that the finest engineers are British.  Do you not know who won the wars?  Both of them, lest you forget.


1 year 35 weeks ago

Reply to 6th.replicant

If one was German, then 'por_sha' would be completely acceptable given the 'e' at the end isn't silent as it would be in English.  But do we say 'Bay-Em-Vay' in this country?  I think not.  Perhaps we are a Porsha-fan maybe that is being a teensey little 'ayn-al' about it?

Wobbly handling?

1 year 35 weeks ago

Not really surprising that a huge heavy luxury SUV gets mildy untidy on the twisties, it's not meant to be a sports car.


I imagine an Elise would look untidy trying to tow a horse-box across a muddy field.


1 year 35 weeks ago

Apparently the new RR is lovely to just waft around in? Then we get lots of lairy cornering footage that looked frankly frightening. At least the excessive speed showed how most Range Rovers are normally driven.

The size means it's no longer a vehicle for these shores, it looks preposterous. The weight 'saving' of the aluminium body was also well overstated before launch, unfortunately Top Gear's review last night also seem to be perpetuating the myth that there was actually a 400kg reduction when there was nothing of the sort.

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