Video: Range Rover v Porsche Cayenne tested on-road

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Review 22 February 2013

The all-new Range Rover is an epic machine. But is it better than the sportscar-on-steriods Porsche Cayenne. Steve Sutcliffe takes to the road to find out.

Next week...Sutcliffe takes the pair off-road

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This a comparison test?

1 year 8 weeks ago

Do you guys go out of your way to get the readers irate, perturbed and/or incensed? In no way, shape or form do these serve the same market....... yes you can compare the Range Rover to other "luxury" vehicles, but a Turbo Cayeene? Seriously?

As mentioned in the other letters, the Range Rover wallows when covering the challenging terrain of the test, the real Porsche competition is the Cayenne S diesel not the bonkers Turbo.

You are definetly doing your readers a disservice with this type of "comparison". We expect serious testing of comparable vehicles not a wishy-washy comparison of complete opposites. Does anyone expect the Range Rover to have sportscar handling, or the Turbo Cayenne to have a cushy ride?

A sad piece of journalism, but another notch in the belt for hyping the Rover.


Have to agree with others

1 year 8 weeks ago

The Range Rovers handling looked terrifying to me, the body shifted with the weight transfer like a garden shed attached to a wheelbarrow with bungy straps. I can't think of many things that would go round those bends so alarmingly, I thought it had electronic suspension that clamped down on excessive body roll instantly, but then RR and electronics, it was probably broken!

Terrible conclusion

1 year 8 weeks ago

The diesel RR should be compared with the diesel G Wagon, diesel Cayenne V8, diesel Audi Q7 V8.

Where is the off road test?

Motorway test?

Time for Steve to get a new job.

Watch between 2:30 and 2:35 -

1 year 8 weeks ago

Watch between 2:30 and 2:35 - that Range Rover is about as stable as David Hasselhoff.

Range rover/ Porsche cayene

1 year 8 weeks ago

Even with all its super duper suspension control the RR was wallowing all over the corners, driver unable to keep on his side of the white line. No wonder drivers coming the other way always cringe when seeing these 2ton heaps. A 15 year old Jimny has more body control and wont be seen languishing at the side of the road with its bonnet up and poor mechanic shaking his head. Good to sit in a straight line, heart rending to drive..


A lot of wonga for a lot of wallow.

1 year 8 weeks ago

This video proves that no matter how much you spend on suspension development, the laws of physics can never be beaten. This vehicle looked downright unstable on more than one occasion going through that right hander, while the Cayenne didn't even notice it.

The RR is, nonetheless, very nice, but as others have said - let's wait and see how many owners get to be on first name terms with their local RR service department.

And yes, what a pointless comparison. In fact, I can't think of another big luxury barge that the FFRR could actually be compared 'with'. It seems to be out there in a sector of its own.



active dampers

1 year 8 weeks ago

from my experience with the previous range rover sport supercharged. you have to put the TR to dynamic programe ( the highway symbol) before the active dampers is turned on then you will see it do wonders (with a tad harsher ride), i would go as far as to say its better than my 328i interms of body control though i only have passive suspension on it.



1 year 8 weeks ago

JLR's product development starts to make sense, moving the RR upmarket leaves the German SUVs in a different market segment, which now seems closer to the sports estate. If you buy a RR, that serves your needs for 95% of the time, why buy another SUV for just 5% of the time, when a sports estate, such as the forthcoming XF, will carry the kids and dog, and no doubt provide just as much, if not more, entertainment?  

Looks like it has a bit too

1 year 8 weeks ago

Looks like it has a bit too much power and mass in the video, there appears to be more wallowing along then wafting. The size and mass of the car appears to give the journalist trouble also positioning it correctly on the road.

 Nice car though amazingly overpriced, but I guess that is part of it's look at me appeal.

What the public say

1 year 8 weeks ago

This test is very good, however, there's a fourteen month wait for the Range Rover....


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