Video: Range Rover v Porsche Cayenne drag racing off road

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Feature 13 March 2013

After winning our on-road head-to-head test, can the Range Rover's incredible off-road ability slay the supercar-rivalling Porsche Cayenne Turbo? Sutcliffe heads off road to find out.

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If ever there was better

1 year 37 weeks ago

If ever there was better evidence of biased road testers: "Come on, Range Rover! Come on, Range Rover! Yes! The Porsche's stuck... ha, ha, ha, ha!". Very balanced...

Another shameful example of Autocar trying to do Land Rover's PR for them. I'd say this video was even worse than the last one.

What about Post Codes?

1 year 37 weeks ago

I am surprised that the Porsche even got to the start with the known problem that the SatNav won't take full UK Post Codes. 


1 year 37 weeks ago

The drag race wasn't quite 'exactly' the same test, the Cayenne Turbo here was wearing 295/35 summer tyres whilst the RR was wearing 275/45 all-terrain tyres.

I'm not for a moment suggesting a Cayenne can do what a Range Rover can do off-road, it can't, but at least make this highly irrelevant test a fair one.

I didn't care much for the autosuggestive script either.


1 year 37 weeks ago

How bloody ridiculous! Initially, the Cayenne was ahead, until, umm, it conveniently hit the previously-chewed muddy patch, whereas the Range Rover's 'course' was wet grass.

Autocar's credibility plummets, yet again.

Porsche : make Porsche and no

1 year 37 weeks ago

Porsche : make Porsche and no more Panzer.


Please stop

1 year 37 weeks ago

Please stop the bias Autocar, it's getting ridiculous.



1 year 37 weeks ago

Although not the most balanced test ever, it is certainly more relevant than racing round the Nurburgring, as far more owners will be traversing slippery slopes than going racing (even if the majority will encounter nothing more challenging than the odd curb or two).

ok then steve, lets play fair

1 year 37 weeks ago

ok then steve, lets play fair and have that Range Rover go against the Land Cruiser V8

twitter @anikadamali, @notPCnairobi

Another biased report

1 year 37 weeks ago

Come on Autocar, just because the Range Rover is clearly better, doesn't mean that the Porsche is not the superior product.  How could zis be any oder vay?

And !?

1 year 37 weeks ago

What did that prove?,they both do there thing on the Road,the RR wafts along, the Porsche is, certaintly in Turbo guise,an SUV supercar, yes, they both got up the Hill, but, what was the point of a race up the Hill?, of course they were going too struggle,wet Grass, greasy Mud, road tyres, moderately amusing, but that's all.  

Peter Cavellini.

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