Video: Range Rover Sport vs Porsche Cayenne Turbo

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Feature 17 July 2013

The new Range Rover Sport is good, but good enough to beat the more road-focused Porsche Cayenne Turbo? Steve Sutcliffe finds out.

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You said if you want the most

40 weeks 1 day ago

You said if you want the most powerful SUV then buy the Porsche, but the Range Rover is actually more powerful.

the Range Rover looks

40 weeks 1 day ago

the Range Rover looks better...... and that's just about it. The Porsche beats it everywhere else (sadly).

Simple as ABC

40 weeks 1 day ago

Only two places that Cayenne is ahead of Sport are alphabet and the dictionary.

In the real world....

40 weeks 1 day ago

The first part is irrelevant because nobody in their right mind takes a whale onto a racecourse. The second part is irrelevant because who in their right minds takes an 80K plus barge into the woods or bog. The last part gets to the meat of the matter. It really is a matter of personal choice. One is meant for the softer part of the market and the other is geared more towards the gearheads. The problem is that the wisemen in the RRS marketing department are flogging the Sport as the sport/handling champ which does not do it justice. I believe it is done just to create space in the market between it and the RR

I wish someone would finally weigh these JLR products because Car and Driver weighed the RR and found it to be only 200 kilos less than the last one. This is a big difference from what the JLR folks are claiming.




Can someone tell me......

40 weeks 1 day ago

......why Steve Sutcliffe isn't editor of this magazine. He's the only serious journalist on the magazine. He writes well, he drives well, he presents well and he knows what he's talking about. There are entirely too many children and inexperienced non-entities on this mag, including the current editor.

What a well balanced &

40 weeks 23 hours ago

What a well balanced & informative report on two great cars.  The Range Rover in all honesty, was never going to out perform the Cayenne around a track and quite frankly, who cares about that?  If your sole objective is to lap fast times around a race track, then your shortlist would not include a couple of 2+ tonnes, luxury 4x4's.  The Porsche is the faster car but then again, the Sport's 0-60 time of 5.3 secs and 155mph top speed are in my opinion, excellent figures and I would never ever feel hard done by.  For me I would have the Range Rover everyday of the week simply because I think the car is superb and I prefer it to the other.  As Steve rightly pointed out, both cars are excellent and it all comes down to what you want from your big 4x4 and what badge you prefer.  As for the Cayenne, I like it quite a lot and the looks are a lot better resolved this time around, especially the rear

first the RR, now the Sport...

40 weeks 23 hours ago

... vs the Cayenne. wasn't it up against something else on track recently too?

Seems to me like the Porsche won that test 2-1 rather than a draw, but that both the track and the off road sections are equally unlikely to happen, as is the purchase of these top end 500 bhp+ models. I think consumers in the UK would really need to see the 3.0 litre diesel versions slug it out as those are the actual sellers in the respective ranges here.

RR SPort seems much improved to me, and if anything likely to steal sales from its bigger brother rather than other brands, as it doesn't really seem to be lacking much compared to the ful fat Range Rover - perhaps another test worth seeing - is it worth spending the extra other than to get that imperious feeling of self importance that the Range Rover brings?

finally, any chance we can stop the auto play function of these videos - it's annoying, we're quite capable of pressing play ourselves, and offer a chance to improve the rather poor resolution?

Sadly if I had to choose

40 weeks 23 hours ago

Sadly if I had to choose between the two, I would have to go for the 'drug dealer' RR Sport. Would really hate for people to think I was going through a midlife crisis by buying a Porsche. 

I agree with Orangewheels

40 weeks 22 hours ago

I agree with Orangewheels about how much the RR Sport seems to have improved. I didn't like the previous model at all, but this one seems to me to be a better option than the RR. When I see a new model Range Rover I just think how bloated and bulky it looks, and with that funny pinched in rear end....

'drug dealer' RR sport

40 weeks 22 hours ago

Out there in the real world people are going to think you are an utter prat if you're seen anywhere  near either of these.

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