Video: Petrol BMW M3 versus diesel Alpina D3 - fast saloon face-off

Feature 25 July 2014

Steve Sutcliffe has the keys to two very fast versions of the BMW 3-series: the 435bhp petrol BMW M3 and the 345bhp diesel Alpina D3. Should you satisfy your high-performance saloon cravings with a petrol or a diesel engine? Let's find out.

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A combination of the D3 being

14 weeks 9 hours ago
A combination of the D3 being really very good, and the M3 being sadly far of the boil. 'M' just isn't what it used to be. But at least you can get a manual gearbox...


14 weeks 8 hours ago
Snog or marry....with someone else's tyres.

Probably the best jouralism from Steve/other press in a decade

14 weeks 8 hours ago
Good job Steve. you have finally exposed M-sport for what they have become- average! Good on you! No one else would ever do a test showing that a diesel BMW is a better all around car- let alone a better handling car than a "genuine" M car!! When we listen to ALL the HYPE from BMW and fanboys like evo magazine and Top gear and Chris Harris. all we get is sterling silver reviews of this new M3 but o how wrong they are. You were the only one with the balls to show this before our eyes. Good job and yes merry christmas, for once. Try to do this more often. j

Great Video

14 weeks 8 hours ago
Really interesting to watch and of course the best thing about the Alpina is you can have it as a Touring.

D for me

14 weeks 7 hours ago
spot on about the M3 noise/sound Steve. reminds me of the 350Z, not really a great pleaseure to wring the engine out. Alpina looks more tasteful too.


14 weeks 3 hours ago
Who ever bought an M3 because it majored on comfort?

Do genuine M still exist?

14 weeks 1 hour ago
Do genuine M still exist?


14 weeks 1 hour ago
@jl4069 - Have you driven both cars? Only if you have can you agree so wholeheartedly with Mr Sutcliffe and write off, Chris Harris, Top Gear, EVO etc as fanboys. PS. I suspect I too would prefer the Alpina, but I wouldn't feel that would give me the right to insult people who choose the M3.




Brilliant review...

14 weeks 10 min ago
...@jl4069 could not have said it better myself..:-) This M will be remembered as the worst of its kind.

Not so much of a brilliant review...

13 weeks 6 days ago
Sorry I think this complete rubbish, and had to make an account to say so. You're comparing to completely different cars for the sake of bashing the M3. First off the drag race. Not sure if anyone's noticed, but the Alpinas in Sport+ with launch control.. The M3s in comfort with no launch control! Then there's the fact that the Alpinas on empty and the M3s got half a tank of fuel. Not exactly a fair test. Secondly, the speed run. It was done once. Wouldn't a fair test to be doing it 3 times and averaging? I don't think this is a fair review at all, and that Steve is just bashing the M3 to differentiate himself from the other reviewers...
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