Video: Nissan GT-R vs Audi A1 quattro

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Feature 3 December 2012

Steve Sutcliffe finds out if a dinky Audi A1 quattro can keep pace with the mighty Nissan GT-R

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1 year 46 weeks ago

Such is the dominance of German over Japanese engineering that a modified Audi hatchback can beat a bespoke Nissan sports car.  And just think the Audi is based on a humble Polo.  Just goes to show you the absolute integrity and quality of every VW vehicle!

Not surprised

1 year 46 weeks ago

It makes me laugh that quite a few of the GTR fanboys are jumping on this one because it seems to me that the purpose of the test was to demonstrate that all cars no matter how great have their shortcomings. Shortcomings that may be familiar to some, being as our roads are quite narrow in places and it rains quite a lot here. I suspect most people do not live on a billiard-table smooth racing circuit where it rains once a year.

I recall being a passenger being driven quickly by someone quite well known for tuning GTRs. We weren't in a GTR at the time but another Japanese four wheel drive high power machine. "This is faster than a GTR down here" he said. "They're heavy and sometimes quite unwieldy, especially in these conditions" was the conclusion.

Some of you should lighten

1 year 46 weeks ago

Some of you should lighten up.  It's entertainment.  Not everything has to be a PHD by geeks with tape measures.  Reminds me of the Top Gear stunt in which an M3 followed a maxed-out Prius on a circuit and used less fuel - great stuff!


Boring old farts

1 year 46 weeks ago

I agree 275not599. It's only entertainment and it's not to be taken seriously as a proper road test.  Just an entertaining demonstration of basic laws of physics.  Reminds me of the Top Gear 'fastest car around their track' and how much faster the V8 Atom is around corners compared to a much more powerful but heavier and infinitely more expensive car like the Bugatti Veyron.  If it was with something more comparable like the R8 with the same tyres, the Nissan will probably run rings around it. 

Anyway I wouldn't care if a bloody VW Beetle was faster around UK roads in wet conditions.  I still rather have a GTR or Ferrari or any of the numerous number of supercars out there, any day.

I love the design on Nissan

1 year 46 weeks ago

I love the design on Nissan GT-R perfect for agent hypothécaire montréal whose getting  courtiers hypothécaires loans.

Entertainment at whose expense?

1 year 46 weeks ago


I am all in for entertainments but if I were working for Nissan, I wouldn't find this very amusing.. Would you?

For a change, I would like to see a Nano Tata out run an Audi R8 in Nürburgring. -How about that for a proper entertainment?


I give up.

1 year 46 weeks ago


Why would the guys at Nissan be threating over this? You're assuming that they are thinking that any right minded person with a lot of money looking to buy a supercar will be put of by this and buy a Audi A1 Quattro instead?

Don't give up...

1 year 46 weeks ago


I am not saying that Nissan guys will feel threatened but please try to understand this;

It is all about publicity- GTR for Nissan is a technical showcase, the ultimate of what they can do.  Now, imagine when this supposedly a technical (four wheel drive / electronic control) masterpiece gets over 5 seconds slower lap time than some German hot hatch driven by some entertainment seeking journalist clowns...

Publicity wise, the only clear winner here is the VW group and it is certainly not helping Nissan. 


Give up....

1 year 46 weeks ago


That you take a simple and very effective demonstration about the laws of physics (it isn't rocket science is it?) and extrapolate into some sort of conspiracy to poke at Nissan says a lot about you...

ANY sub 1200kg AWD hot hatch would get the same result (although kudos to Audi for a AWD system clearly coping better with the conditions than that of the GTR).  And let me see, there are SOOOOO many candidates to choose from aren't there???

Lighten up


Real world

1 year 46 weeks ago

Athough this test doesn't truly replicate the real world, living in a climate that for a large part of the year leaves the roads wet and slippery, it is a better demonstration of the usability of a car than thrashing it around the Nürburgring. You never kow, if a few more supercars were subjected to this it might save the owners from sliding their new 'toys' into the nearest ditch/tree/etc.....

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