Video: Mercedes G63 AMG 6x6 tames the desert

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Feature 23 February 2014

Meet the ultimate in go-anywhere civilian vehicles, the incredible Mercedes G63 AMG 6x6. It costs £350,000, weighs 3.7-tonnes and sends its 536bhp to all six wheels. The military-derived G63 6x6 is one of the few cars to make a Hummer H1 look weak.

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1 year 5 weeks ago

Pretty it aint, politically correct it aint but outrageous it certainly is.  0-62mph in under six seconds is immense for something of that size and weight.  159 litre fuel tanks = £200+ to fill it.  It's madness yet it's awesome.  I'm still trying to fathom what I think of it and why Merecedes built it.

There are people that say

1 year 5 weeks ago

There are people that say that modern cars are boring; clones of one another with no passion or anything of interest. 

Thank god there's someone out there making something brilliantly pointless like this! Sure, it makes no sense whatsoever in the real world, but the full-on craziness of it is what makes it so special in 2013.

I applaud you, Mercedes.


1 year 5 weeks ago

@R32: " why Merecedes built it."

I guess the answer is at 2:45 in; it is essentially a military vehicle that they have just turned around into a crazy play thing.

Nice video though.

If I knew what I was getting into, I wouldn't have done it...and I would have been wrong.

It Has Already Existed

1 year 5 weeks ago


My understanding is that this vehicle did not take start-from-scratch building: it was already in place as a military vehicle contracted by the Australian Army. It did not require much to make a more "civilized" civilian version that could sell to wealthy Arabs and adventuresome Americans.  I'd like to see how this thing goes up against the Ford Raptor (and other vehicles) in the Baja run or maybe the Dakar rally sometime....



"Top speed is limited to

1 year 5 weeks ago

"Top speed is limited to 100mph to preserve its 37-inch tyres"


It's a G-Wagen, Jim...

1 year 5 weeks ago

... but, not as we know it...!


1 year 5 weeks ago

Ordained by the Australian Army to replace Isuzu dieseled LRs.. This car is absolutely magnificent.  I'd have one over a Wraith.

OMG - the Mafiosi of Moscow

1 year 5 weeks ago

As a regular traveller in Russian cities - I dread the arrival of this bloody thing. Already enough Hummers of all varieties clog the streets in one upmanship, this will be the master mafia's choice of wheels all 6 of them. NOT looking forwards to meeting one on my travels. One of the few places in the world outside the oil rich camel countries, Russia will be a gold mine for AMG

what's life without imagination

Congestion charge

1 year 5 weeks ago

Just think, you'll only have to pay the same London Congestion Charge as for a Ford Focus! Width will suit London streets better than the Hummer. 

The joyous madness that still

1 year 4 weeks ago

The joyous madness that still lurks within Mercedes-Benz is one of the few reasons why I am still hanging on to a lingering interest in modern cars.


This is of course funny - and you know the people who built it laughed a lot when they were making it.  And that, manufacturers of 'one chassis fits all' machinery, is a very good thing.

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