Video: Mercedes A45 AMG driven flat out

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Review 14 June 2013

178bhp per litre bodes well, but can the Mercedes A45 AMG, powered by a four-cylinder engine, deliver the sort of thrills traditionally associated with the marque?  Steve Sutcliffe drives it as hard as he can to find out...

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Too expensive

1 year 23 weeks ago

I think if it was £10,000 less it would kick the Golf GTI into the weeds.

Looks shocking......but I

1 year 23 weeks ago

Looks shocking......but I like the concept and the BHP/per litre

On paper it's far beyond the

1 year 23 weeks ago

On paper it's far beyond the Golf's abilities, but the more important question is which is more fun when going for it and which is more relaxed when pootling.

I don't think the price is inappropriate given the amount of go on offer.

This bodes quite well for the GLA45, which looks to be well aligned with my interests.

Its not the worlds most

1 year 23 weeks ago

Its not the worlds most powerful 2.0 engine though.


Sutcliffe: Deeply impressive

1 year 23 weeks ago

Can't wait for the 3-way showdown. Although at the same time can't help thinking that on a track like this the GTI DSG even with the Performance Pack doesn't really belong in this august company and would seriously struggle without patronisation and partiality.

Anyway given Steve's deep love for this anodyne wonder of the world, guess we the readers and viewers have to live with this rather discrepant match. Can't wait.

Pointless or genius?

1 year 23 weeks ago

Yes, it looks hideous - an M-class front-end grafted onto a Hyundai hatchback - and I guess we're familiar with 2.0-litre turbo, AWD rice rockets that match the A45's poke and performance, but the former need a service/oil-change once a week and struggle to better 22mpg.

So, if the A45 can actually return, say, 32mpg day-to-day and its motor is reliable with 'normal' annual-type servicing, then top job Merc. If not, you might as well grab a tidy 2nd-hand Evo or Impreza - and save at least £25k.


A bit of a handful on track?

1 year 23 weeks ago

I'm no expert but the handling looked a bit 'loose' on track, understeer and oversteer quite obvious throughout that 'hot lap'. But if that's what you want then fine, go with the Merc. However, a BMW M135i seems much more neutral and expoitable, plus you'd save yourself £3795. Sure it's not ultimately as fast as the A45 but it does appear more rewarding. Just my opinion from watching this, though. 

Interesting showdown

1 year 23 weeks ago

MikeSpencer wrote:

...a BMW M135i seems much more neutral and expoitable...

Agreed. The M135i may be lower in power, but its handling keeps it in contention in this upcoming 3-way showdown. Can't wait.

Interesting, Evo's review

1 year 23 weeks ago

Interesting, Evo's review doesn't rate the A45's on-road ride: 

"...The [A45's] ride is seriously stiff, jiggling and jolting at low speeds so badly that even a Renaultsport Megane Cup owner would baulk at the discomfort. Incredibly, there’s an AMG Performance suspension option that we presume is even stiffer. Needless to say, don’t take it."

£37000 bargain

1 year 23 weeks ago

Is £37000 really too expensive for a baby AMG. In Australia dealerships are taking orders for A45s for $75000 (approx £45000) and they've allocated all their supply well into 2014. We think it's the best value AMG ever, being less than half the price of the any of the C63s. If you think they're too expensive In England please send them our way and we'll happily take them off your hands.

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