Feature4 January 2013

The new Maserati Quattroporte is big news for the Italian marque. The car is kick-starting the firm's ambitions to increase sales ten-fold, so the stakes have never been higher. Steve Sutcliffe pitches it against our favourite luxury car, the Jaguar XJ to see which is best.

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4 January 2013

I have not driven either so i will trust Steves judgement, but there is no comparisin when it comes to looks. The Jag just looks wrong with the tacky black rear pillars,and even worse with black rear windows. On looks alone the Maserati wins

5 January 2013

Have disagree with artill.  Not saying he is wrong before anyone starts getting excited.  The big Jag, in my eyes, does everything better than the Maserati.  This new model lacks its predecessors elegance although the interior ergonomics do seem better then before. 

With regards to the performance.  It is a very powerful and fast car indeed but to say it's the fastest of its type is a little incorrect.  Like ThawartedEfforts mentioned, the Bently Fying Spur tops 200 and even though the Masa gets to 0-60mph in 4.7, the BMW M5, E-Class AMG and Jag XKR-S not to mention the Panamera Turbo S, all get there sooner.  Yes the Maserati has a higher top speed but all the others (apart from the Porsche) are limited

Yep, I'd have the Jag all day along

6 January 2013

Steve also forgets to mention the Maser is more spacious at the back than the Jag.

4 January 2013

I just don't think you'd buy this Maserati to keep your butt in the back seat...that is why it is sportier, you are supposed to drive it!

4 January 2013

Don't agree

1 hour 41 min ago

I just don't think you'd buy this Maserati to keep your butt in the back seat...that is why it is sportier, you are supposed to drive it!



I have to say that is what the S class is for if you want a limo. Even an A8 if your chauffeur is a massachist. 

4 January 2013

fastest four-door car in the world? Continental Flying Spur Speed has a 200mph top speed.

Would take the Jag any day. Don't see the point of this Maser if it's noisy and the ride's not up to scratch. If you're prepared to overlook such things in the name of fun then that's what the GranTurismo is for.

The Quattroporte should be a luxurious alternative, not a hard ass coupe with four doors. I mean, what's the point?

And how much?

5 January 2013

All these are faster:

Porsche Panamera Turbo

Alpina B5 Biturbo

Alpina B7 Biturbo

4 January 2013

I'd take the jag all day over the new Maser. I think they have taken a backward step on the styling. The rear end looks like an Audi. 

Interior has improved as has the infotainment system, but some of magic has been lost from the previous model. 

4 January 2013

The Jaguar looks the nicer car and most are sold in diesel in Europe so the maserati is stuffed ,but even in petrol the Jaguar is better and lighter the maserati could be a Kia in drag.

4 January 2013

look very luxurious in the back. In fact, it looks quite plain. He's right though, the chinese like luxury, closely followed by the Russians. Still, the jag a better car, coupled with that thunderous diesel and i even beginning to like the satin finish C pillars. Although not with red. Jags should never be red. 


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