Video: Land Rover Bowler EXR S vs Caterham Seven Supersport on track

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Feature 17 May 2013

Can a 1750kg off-roader keep up with a 520kg track toy around a tight handling circuit? Steve Sutcliffe and Matt Prior pitch a 550bhp Bowler EXR S against a 140bhp Caterham Seven Supersport, in a clash of the opposites, to find out.

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Try that with a Superlight R500 Sutters...

1 year 22 weeks ago

You wouldn't see where it went after the second corner. Pointless test. And you'd still have £112505 in your back pocket if you chose the Caterham. 'Nuff said.

And how?!

1 year 22 weeks ago

Prey tell me was this a fair fight?,yes, there were a few twisty bits,but no uphill twisty bits,granted it might have not made any difference,but, even without seeing the vid,we all knew it would be one sided.MikeSpencer is right, up the power to weight ratio,i wouldn't say the Superlight would runaway from it,but it would be fairer.

Peter Cavellini.

This video is great, a nice

1 year 22 weeks ago

This video is great, a nice piece of whimsy, and a good aside to the main business of car reviews.

I approve!


1 year 22 weeks ago

Here's a video where Bowler's brand manager pronounces 'Bowler' as it is spelt rather than a tool designed to excavate someone's bowels;


Learning is fun Smile

Would love to see the Bowler

1 year 22 weeks ago

Would love to see the Bowler up against a Range Rover Sport, Porsche Cayenne Turbo and an X5M to see how it compared to them. I imagine none of them would see which way it went.

As for this video, it might be pointless, but it was well made and a fun idea. More please Autocar.



1 year 22 weeks ago


None of the vehicles you mentioned would stand a chance,because, as we saw, inside the Boughler(sorry Steve)it's a Dakar car for the road, a few concessions to a road car,and as Steve commented....a rich man's toy,so, i'd imagine as an everyday car the Bowler is tiring, noisy etc, the three you mention are designed for the road from the drawing board,so they are way better in that sense,personally, i'd take the Cayenne Turbo.

Peter Cavellini.

Can we have a video comparing

1 year 22 weeks ago

Can we have a video comparing it with a more powerful caterham?

Bogged down in detail

1 year 22 weeks ago

The fact that this uber-4x4 can keep up with a track-day car is impressive, amazing agility. That's all they're trying to say here. Let's not get bogged down..... it's just not something one might have expected before watching the piece.

Another good comparison would be...

1 year 22 weeks ago

...Bowler vs Focus RS / Audi RS3.  Just to see where their strengths and waknesses lie.



1 year 22 weeks ago

You can see the point of the Bowler as a road car, for those that can afford it, it more likely shares a market with the 458 than the Cayenne. It might also be more fun than the Ferrari, and possibly garner more looks and praise for the owner (always good for the ego, for those that care).

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