Video: Lamborghini Gallardo vs ESP

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Feature 10 April 2013

It might sound like fun to reach for the ESP button. But as Steve Sutcliffe finds out, even on a stable, four-wheel drive supercar like the 2013 Lamborghini Gallardo, it's possible for things to go very wrong at moderate speeds.

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What does it matter?

1 year 32 weeks ago

This proves it!,ESP should be a tamper proof system,any nutter who turns it of thinking he's brilliant at car control,better put a down payment on his wings, because you ain;t gonna save it, no matter who you are!

Peter Cavellini.

Is that legal to do on the road?

1 year 32 weeks ago

Say you're driving on the road, switch off the ESP, and then have a shunt. Is that data recorded inside your car somewhere? If so, could/would it be used as evidence? Would it invalidate your insurance? Is it illegal to run without ESP if it's fitted? Does anyone know?

Floppy Arms !!!!

1 year 32 weeks ago

Good and interesting video Mr. Sutcliffe.

There was once a very wonderful ex-racing driver/instructor called Mike Franey, who operated from the very same place your video is filmed at, who used to teach very high speed lane-change maneuvers, he always insisted on "floppy arms" driving position , so your arms would act as steering dampers. It was a truly amazing experience and well worth learning.

Mike's party-piece was to go down the length of the Bruntingthorpe runway dodging between the white lines and the spacings, impressive car control to watch inside the car and totally bizarre to see from outside.

Object lesson, encourage more driver training.

ESP is a good aid for

1 year 32 weeks ago

ESP is a good aid for everyday use.

It's nice when you can switch off to play with the car on a nice and free road.


OK, but...

1 year 32 weeks ago

..would you really risk stuffing your beautiful £100,000 pride and joy through a hedge? Thought not!

Losing the will to give

1 year 32 weeks ago

When I was a younger lad, some cars could handle well. A lane change manoeuvre at the legal limit was possible. I am not a racing driver nor a motoring journalist so my experience is limited to a few occasions when such an event was required. Alfasud: impeccable. Golf GTI Mk 1: good. Renault 5 Mk 1: horrific. Peugeot 309: sublime. Since then I have gained less faith in suspension and steering design as so called progress has been made. We have lost so much great engineering skill as the bean counters have had their way. ESP is just a way to compensate for poor design. 

Questions for Steve Sutcliffe

1 year 32 weeks ago

I know it may sound silly, but a debate is going on some forum. My questions:

1) Can you confirm that your first (out of the 3) avoidance manoeuvre was done with ESP on?

2) Was it not possible for you to regain control of the Gallardo after you performed the avoidance manoeuvre with ESC-off?(Not talking about whether you could if you attempted it again).

3) Also, do you personally feel that stability systems have the potential to impede your interactions with a car when you are driving normally?


Can you compare

1 year 32 weeks ago

Can you please compare the Up to its competiters


ESP good for more ordinary things too

1 year 32 weeks ago

ESP is of benefit for more ordinary motoring situations too, such as when the wheels on only one side of the car hit standing water - the ESP will stabilise the car.

I think that ESP is an "unseen" life saver.  Drivers with no experience of pre-ESP etc cars probably don't realise how fortunate they are to have this tech waiting in the background to help them out.

Also, is my memory correct as regards the original A-class, it had ESP fitted as standard across the range following "elk test" results?



1 year 32 weeks ago

Watch Fifth gear two shows past, might find it on fiver,or go too the fifthgear website, it will definately be there,they compare it with the Mii,Skoda Citygo and the Up.......

Peter Cavellini.

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