Video: Lamborghini 50th anniversary drive special

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Feature 20 May 2013

Lamborghini celebrated its 50th anniversary in style this year, with 350 Lamborghinis of all ages and types partaking in a celebratory tour through Italy. Enjoy the highlights as we join the 190,000bhp convoy in a Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Spyder Performante Edizione Technica.

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48 weeks 2 days ago

You bet!

Peter Cavellini.


48 weeks 2 days ago

Is it really pronounced Gayardo? I thought it was Guyardo.

Re: Pronunciation

48 weeks 1 day ago

It's Spanish for 'gallant' and pronounced by the Spanish as: 'gah-Yahr-doh'.


48 weeks 1 day ago

similar to Porsche gayman,  which by all acounts is a very good sports car

A marriage anniversary is

47 weeks 1 day ago

A marriage anniversary is often a stunning time in a couple's lifetime. It's a time for it to celebrate and also commemorate their really like, connection and also suffers from in concert. In past times, standard items were given and also although many would choose to go on using custom, they will additionally want to give something different.Want to get Anniversary tweets

Lamborghini is one of the

46 weeks 2 hours ago

Lamborghini is one of the finest of this world i am ever seen and its look is unique engine is very powerful and more importanly its made according to customer demand and i happy that today Lamborghini celebrate 50th anniversary, anniversary quotes text

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