Video: Jaguar XKR-S vs Aston V8 Vantage

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Feature 13 December 2012

The Jaguar XKR-S and Aston Martin V8 Vantage. Two British bruisers. Both cost around £100k. Both have big V8s under the hood. But which is best? Steve Sutcliffe finds out.

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1 year 37 weeks ago

Jag with a hardtop no canvas thanks,whats with the White Aston?,and that Red interior?....whoooo Sunglasses time!,heck, it's even got Red brake calipers!

Peter Cavellini.

3rd gear at just 30 mph...

1 year 37 weeks ago

These are both great cars, and the supercharged XKR is certainly quicker. But the "drag race" you show greatly exaggerates the difference -- it looks like you started in 3rd gear at just 30-ish mph. This is barely more than 2000 rpm in the Aston (and presumably similar (perhaps even lower) revs in the Jaguar), and no naturally aspirated (petrol/gasoline) engine can compete with a forced-induction engine at such low revs -- of course the Jag will motor off into the distance. A better way to show their comparative performance would be to also show them side by side in a lower gear (or start at higher revs). The Jag will still be quicker, but the gap will be much narrower. The other side of the coin is the high-rev fun the Aston's naturally aspirated engine encourages, especially when you get to access it with that wonderful MANUAL gearbox.


1 year 37 weeks ago

Any 3.0 diesel would have left the Aston during that test, you'd obviously drive differently to get the best out of it. Enjoyed the vid, though. Nice new camera angle showing the cabin and the view ahead. It would have to be the V12 Vantage for me, thankfully also a manual.

3rd gear at just 30mph...

1 year 37 weeks ago

agree with Speedraser - in of dry sterile performance figures reduce any car  to being just and simply a machine. But what of the soul?! There is only one choice, I want the car that 'lives and breaths', not the cliniqued bloater 'support car' that is all things to all men!

Aston all the way



Looks count

1 year 37 weeks ago

Nice video. I would never, ever buy the Jag - it just looks crap.  You can't really benefit from these differences on a normal road and I don't have time at the weekend for "track days".

Ageing Bruisers.

1 year 37 weeks ago

They are both getting on a bit, and from what I've heard the replacement model for the Jag will be larger and move the car more upmarket again further away from the Vantage, keeping the GT feel and leaving the F Type to be the sports orientated model.

Both cars are great at what

1 year 37 weeks ago

Both cars are great at what they do, but both different, as a day to day car the Jag takes it, but as a cruiser and if you want a head turner the Aston is the one, personally the front of the Jag with the jowls doesn't do anything for me so on looks the Aston has it, but they are both great cars, but they both deliver different things, so it is a difficult choice, ah hell, have both...LOL.... 

I suspect

1 year 37 weeks ago

The standard XKR would be the better option, almost as quick, no chavvy spoilers or body kit and £20k cheaper, that would be my preference anyway.

What a surprise! An Autocar

1 year 37 weeks ago

What a surprise! An Autocar feature where Jaguar comes out on top, conveniently ignoring the Mercedes SL that wipes the floor with both cars.

What a turnip

1 year 37 weeks ago

Yep 'GermanPower' a Mercedes SL is going to win, in a comparison between a Jaguar and an Aston.  You really are an utter turnip. 

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