Video: Ferrari F12 Berlinetta flat out

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Feature 11 May 2013

Steve Sutcliffe revisits the awesome 730bhp Ferrari F12 - and spends the day maxxing it out on some of Italy's twistiest roads.  To find out more about the new Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, click here.

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1 year 23 weeks ago

Although never a big Ferrari fan, it is hard to not be impressed with the F12, and what the engineers have achieved. Undoubtedly the replacement will make use of the hybrid drive train in the LaFerrari, however it does beg the question, other than the tiny number of racing drivers and motoring journalists, who is actually going to use more than 40% of the performance available (and this applies to all of the recently released 'supercars').


And yes I also appreciate that for the majority of owners, it's enough to just own it, akin to owning a Monet, but is it not a case of diminishing returns for the engineers?


What's with the poor quality

1 year 23 weeks ago

What's with the poor quality of the video?

Where do Ferrari go after the F12?

1 year 23 weeks ago

A hybrid petrol-electric car like the LaFerrari, I suppose.

So Steve..........?

1 year 23 weeks ago

You like it then?,a serious admission here......this is one Ferrari i'd buy!

Peter Cavellini.

flat out ?

1 year 23 weeks ago

Not really a Ferrari fan but it was an enjoyable video. Hardly "flat out" though.

Or was it a play on words ?


F12 + GTO

1 year 23 weeks ago

i loved the report on the 599GTO by SS and took delivery of mine a few weeks later. the car is exactly as SS described in his excellent report/video. i can see how it could be improved by the F12 though as the GTO is quite raw at times, the electronics cannot cope with the performance demands and the clutch is not the same as the DD in the F12/458. you only have to look at the 2 videos by SS to see the F12 sticks to the road whilst the GTO is a wonderful old-fashioned handful. yet would i change it for the F12 and probably pocket some change for the swap? No. it is not because of the F12's looks or a doubt over the overwhelming performance advantage of the F12 but maybe that rawness of the last of the line 599s is too magnetic. i thought when i got my GTO that this was the last possible front engined performance Ferrari. loks like i was wrong on that and i suspect there will be something even more dramatic from them in 5 years.

please continue the good work Steve.


Great car, and great video

1 year 23 weeks ago

Thank you Steve for giving us an idea of how a mere mortal would experience perfection in a 4 wheeled vehicle. I envy all those with the ability to purchase a car like this. The only question I have is can this experience/technology be transferred to a more affordable car without the pricetag/ horsepower of the F12? Then us mere mortals can hope....


Always was my favorite...

1 year 23 weeks ago

...Ferrari when it came out.  In my dream garage I would definately have one of these.  The 458 Italia is awesome, too.  But if I could only have one or the other I'd always choose the F12.  Huge achievement by Ferrari.  And one that will invoke envy in competitors like Aston Martin, Porsche and Lamborghini.

F-ing awesome sound and

1 year 23 weeks ago

F-ing awesome sound and car......hard to imagine it gets much better than this......

Flappy paddles

1 year 23 weeks ago

Do they really have to make that annoying clicking sound when you change gear, I've noticed that on other videos of cars with flappy paddle gearboxes, if I had one it would get on my nerves after a while.

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