Feature7 May 2013

Which is faster? A pared-down, bare knuckle track toy, a state-of-the-art superbike or a front-running rallycross car? Steve Sutcliffe referees the match between an Ariel Atom V8, a BMW HP4 superbike and a top Citroen DS3 rallycross contender in the ultimate quarter-mile showdown.

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7 May 2013

....truly awesome!

Jeez that Rallycross car is quick....just imagine what it could do without the restrictor!.

The guy on the bike is clearly very talented...oh and has big cahooney's too. 

7 May 2013

Pity it was raining.....however I think the result would have been the same......

8 May 2013

The Venom GT would hose these three before breakfast........it blew past 265mph in just two miles. No production bike/rally car could ever go close to that. 

8 May 2013

Venom GT 0-100 is 5.6s so actually it is about the same as top bikes and cars such as the Veyron, Ariel etc. Quarter mile time is about 10s so that is not that fast either. It is traction limited till above 100. 


8 May 2013

Maybe to 100mph......after that forget it..  

8 May 2013

OOh, a Venom fan boy 



9 May 2013

The Venom GT is RWD

There's only ever been 4 made... debatable whether it's a production car.

It's 38 times the cost of a BMW HP4

Which one do you think has engineering integrity?

Hennessey are claiming a top speed it's never actually done!

9 May 2013

Agreed, in every way!  

The HP4 is a serial production model for sale for les than £17k.  It's almost unbelievable.  Any ideas if a Panigale R would be quicker still?

8 May 2013

This reminds me of those "duels" than were set up years ago to show that this or that sports car could out accelerate  a Piper Cub or some such light plane. Completely meaningless but amusing for some.


8 May 2013

The single most important difference between a fast bike and a fast car is the affordability issue.

The BMW HP4 may cost about £20k but for £14k the ordinary version is just as fast in a straight line.

How many new fast cars are available for that price?

Secondly it is a motorcycles ability to overtake virtually anywhere that make them fun on public roads at speeds lower than those that may involve gaol time if caught by Mr plod.

But when it is cold and wet I will be in a car, but not the atom obviously.



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